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ach year, tens of thousands of tourists flock to Kenya’s national parks to try to catch a glimpse of the “big five”: elephants, rhinoceros, leopards, buffalos, and lions.The international draw of these animals means that, on the macro-level, the nation’s economy is inextricably tied to the protection of its wildlife.Growing up, Kasaine knew that honing his tracking abilities would help him avoid surprise encounters with the massive megafauna.For many in the community, tracking was mainly a matter of self-protection.Many wanted the lions captured before they could do any more damage.

A red cotton cloth known as a shuka is draped across his shoulders, accented by brightly-beaded jewelry worn to indicate seniority.

Soft-spoken and serious, Kasaine pauses to take note of a small tree stripped of its bark by a hungry elephant.

The calmness of his gait makes it easy to forget that he’s in pursuit of one of the most dangerous — and endangered — predators in the world.

Over the years football helmets made by Riddell and Schutt have improved how they protect players from concussions.

But an investigation of public high schools in and around Philly show that there’s still work to be done.

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Clearly there’s more than the environmentally motivated preservation of animals and their habitats at stake.

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