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He conducted military expeditions to the shores of Caspian Sea and raided Byzantine cities.

Prince Ehor followed him, in 912, who not only continued external raids but also had to fight insubordinate tribes of Ulitchs and Derevlans. His wife Olha revenged his death by brutal suppression of Derevlans.

During the Miocene Period in Tertiary Age of Cenozoic Era, some 12 million years ago, most of Ukraine was covered by sea.

At the end of this period the seas receded to the approximately present day coasts of Black, Azov and Caspian seas to form one big sea.

About 370 AD, the first Asian horde of Huns, on their way to western Europe, defeated and expelled Goths from Ukraine.

There were numerous tribes in Ukraine, some nomadic, some agricultural; most of the time at war with each other.

The oldest known main inhabitants of Ukraine were Cimmerians.

At end of 7th century AD, Khazars established themselves on Caspian steppes, which somewhat shielded Ukraine from other Asian hordes.

Also in the 7th century Greeks left Black Sea shores, thus causing a considerable gap in the documented history of Ukraine.

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