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He kept his parents informed of his time at Yokai Academy (albeit without the details of the Yōkai there.) His father is never really shown in depth in the series aside from a few panels in the manga and a short one-liner at the end of the first season anime.

His mother, Kasumi, however, had a whole episode/chapter devoted to Tsukune coming home and meeting Moka, Kurumu, Yukari, and Mizore who all sneaked into Tsukune's house to spend time with him after the forced closure of Yokai Academy.

Tsukune has a typical relationship with his parents and is a loving son.

Kyōko affectionately calls Tsukune "Tsuki" while Tsukune calls her "Kyō-chan." Kyōko decided to come to Yōkai Academy to see if it is too dangerous during the School Festival.

Despite dropping into a depression, Tsukune did not care if the outer one is a fake because he loves her all the same.

After Alucard destroys the Rosario seal, mortally wounded, Outer Moka expresses her desire to be with Tsukune forever.

Kyōko promises to keep Yōkai Academy's nature a secret from Tsukune's parents because she trusts his decision to stay there.

There are hints that Kyōko may have developed some love for Tsukune after he carried her effortlessly in his arms.

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Actually there is also a Rosario Vampire is DS game that Capcom Japan made.

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