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FIRST WEEK Jimmy ordered high speed, internet cable service on Tuesday, insisting that it was essential to his sanity."I'm going to be here eight weeks," was his implacable answer to Dwayne's protest.God, it's smaller than my bikini bottoms and its gotta hold a big fat sausage," she said giggling, clearly proud of her sons large cock. " "Do you remember when we used to skinny dip together? "I used to get so excited thinking someone might see us," she finished laughing.

"You gotta get your son a new suit honey," Dad ordered Mandy after Jimmy had walked up to the house, "Its embarrassing, I could see the goddam veins on his cock through that one. Besides, you're embarrassing poor Chrissie here." "Are you embarrassed honey? I dreamed of giant, thrusting penises that night — 'Scouries' penises. The cable company arrived Thursday morning and within a half-hour Jimmy had us in the twenty-first century. chrissie xoxox.' I shouldn't have sent it I admonished myself as I tried to sleep. Friday the four of us drove to Myrtle Beach for the day; swan and talked, took pictures, laughed, had fun... I'll be back the last week of August though." "I love you." "How are you and Dwayne honey? I'm so happy you decided," Mandy said as she leaned over and hugged me, then kissed me on the lips.

"Besides, Aunt Chris is going to have a computer too, we need it." "Can't we just use the phone? "It's not expensive Uncle Dwayne; they just add it to your cable bill." "But," Dwayne started.

"I'll pay," I interrupted, "You go and order it Jimmy." Wednesday I saw Jimmy in his little 'speedo' racing suit for the first time. Dad and Mandy and I were sitting by the pond, talking as Jimmy did lap after lap across the hundred yard wide pond. I'm going to wait, til after the summer, September maybe...

Even today looking back, it's hard to blame Dwayne. "Haven't you ever wondered why all those women go out with Daddy?

Any other half-way aware girl would have realized exactly who he was after dating him just once. He was one of those good old boys who love beer and fishing, who'd drive twelve hours through the night to see Dale drive, and who'd spend night after night playing cards as he drank beer with his buddies. Gosh, the girls will soon be chasing him," I added, wondering where the years had gone. Hell, my house has been overrun lately by every sixteen to nineteen year old female within five miles." "Already? " "He's eighteen Chris, and he's got all those teenage male hormones making him crazy. " "But..." "And he's big, very big," Mandy added in a sexy whisper. " "Beeeeeeeeeeegg," Mandy added giggling, holding her hands about a foot apart. what do you mean Daddy," I started and then blushed as Mandy's meaning slowly penetrated my brain. I mean last winter when we were down visiting him in Miami, cripes, everywhere we went women knew him.

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"Mandy said Jimmy junior has really grown up in he last year.

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