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Suddenly, the normal web pages I visit (i.e., Yahoo, AOL, MSN) have pornographic ads on the pages.

These are not pop-ups, nor is my computer being "directed" to porn sites, these are actual porn ads on the legitimate web pages themselves.

One: A download called Himachi that was supposed to create a network so me and my friend can play a game together...

I've never seen this before, and they will pop up as I'm reading a news story or article, actually, one just popped up as I was looking over THIS site.

What kind of infection is this, what could've caused this, and what can I do? you need to scan your computer by using any good and trusted Spyware removal tools software.

Last night there was one across the top of my Facebook page.

I have a child who uses this computer for homework and My Space and I can't let him use it until I get rid of this.

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I can then just send the link to my chat buddy, allowing us to completely bypass the firewalls.

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