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This same actor was the brilliant star of Midnight Express.Synopsis: French sailor Querelle arrives in Brest and starts frequenting a strange whorehouse.Such an episode of violence brings Jamie and Ste together: Sandra (Jamie’s mum) offers refugee to Ste, who has to ‘top-and-tail’ with Jamie.Hence, the story tells of their growing attraction for one another, from initial lingering glances to their irrefutable love, which is so magnificently illustrated at the end of the film.We see her padding happily through the wooden gate to her farmyard, which frames her like the doorway around John Wayne in the final shot of John Ford’s The Searchers, except here the camera moves in closer, following her in from the wilderness, and towards home and hearth.Yet to her fellow (male) settlers, she’s not quite right.Mary Bee is in her 30s and still single: “plain as an old tin pail, and bossy,” as she’s disobligingly described by a potential suitor, who, after an amusingly awkward dinner at Mary’s house, scuttles eastwards in search of someone meeker. After a brutal winter, three of the settler’s wives have been driven mad by bereavement and financial ruin, and the parish priest (John Lithgow) needs someone to literally cart them back to a sanatorium in Iowa – the pioneer’s journey in reverse.

Mary Bee Cuddy, the character played by Hilary Swank in The Homesman, is, for the most part, the model American dreamer.

Except no man in town is up to the task; certainly none of the women’s husbands, who view their wives with the kind of puzzled disappointment they might feel towards broken farm equipment. It comes nine years after his directorial debut, The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, which was as tough and stark as anything Sam Peckinpah ever shot.

But six months after first seeing The Homesman (it premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May), I’m now convinced that it’s the bolder, more subversive picture.

To me, it reads more like a refusal to sugar-coat the pill: a woman’s lot in the 1850s on the American frontier was phenomenally rough, a theme to which Jones’s film stays unswervingly true.

The Homesman may be old-fashioned in its bones, but it’s not a film to be watched and then tidily packed away.

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