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Really if you have two x chromosomes, Dougal is into you. Reginald Wakefield Probably not a good choice for those of you with dust or mold allergies, but there is much to recommend a man with an intellectual hobby: the ability to make deductive leaps, retention of information and a curious nature, which would all make for a lifetime of great conversation.

Even if he eventually comes to forget your existence, at least rest assured he’ll mourn you in style. Then there is of course his adopted son/nephew Roger, and the fact that you’d be able to participate in caring for the most precious wee angel ever known to man. Murtagh Fraser Only one man in the Outlander universe combines the gravitas of a hipster beard, the approachability of a Muppet, and the wisdom of Yoda.

He may not always agree with the decisions you make but he’ll always help you carry them out, protectively and with a quickness of mind and a mastery of strategy second only to his nephew. Loyal to the tips of his eyebrows, deadly with a sword and cuddly like a fine cashmere sweater, Murtagh is a man for the woman who wants love at full Snape. Frank Randall You’re either on the Frank bus or you’re not, but if you are, Claire’s loss could be your gain. For more Outlander hiatus fun, follow @scotlandnow and me on Twitter @conniebv.

A thinker who is primed for family and commitment, Frank combines all the positives of Reverend Wakefield the lanky sex appeal of your favorite college professor. For more Outlander hiatus fun, follow Connie on Twitter @conniebv or read her recaps here. Plus, check out our exclusive interview with author Diana, who discusses kilts, sex appeal and her army of fans.

Paul Cummings, prosecuting, said: 'Foster was first seen in the shop at 9.36am and this offence was committed around 4.15pm.

Not wedding vows sworn elsewhere, nor honesty, nor common sense will get in the way of your happily ever after. I don’t envy you that choice gentlemen, but if it were me I’d bet on Fitz. On the other hand, you probably won’t want to introduce them to your parents until well after the ceremony.That was 92 years ago and Weddell, 98, said she no longer flinches when asked her age. For 16 years, the show was held at Greenbriar Conference & Party Center on the city’s north end."I’m 98 years old and I’m not ashamed of it," said the Wooster woman. " It is likely Weddell will be the oldest of the 130 or so crafters to have a booth at the upcoming Season’s Splendor Arts & Crafts Show, which will be held Friday, Nov. But when the center’s owner retired, Wayne County Arts & Crafts Guild went in search of a new location and found Fisher Auditorium and the Shisler Conference Center on the grounds of the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center on Wooster’s south end. The date proved to be an issue, as that location has long been the site of the Buckeye Book Fair, which traditionally is held the first Saturday in November, the same date as the craft show.For years, Weddell and her husband, Stanley, had booths at shows all over the state — she with her sewing and he with his woodworking projects.After Stanley Weddell died 20 years ago, his wife continued setting up her booth at the Guild’s holiday and spring arts and crafts shows.

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