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When I tip, I always tip at least 20 percent, but I tip in such a way that the total bill comes out to a whole dollar amount.

I am as secretive as I can be when I have to do my duty. I agree that it does sounds like more than a coincidence that your boyfriend wants to have sex every time you limp out of the bathroom pale and spent.Having the total bill be a whole dollar amount is my slight OCD quirk.My girlfriend thinks it is rude to tip those odd change amounts, envisioning waiters with pocketfuls of “useless change” at the end of their shift.There’s nothing rude about what you’re doing and if your girlfriend is so concerned about this harmless quirk, she should be the one whipping out her credit card. Boobs at the Dinner Table: My husband and I recently moved to a new city and are trying our best to make friends.Last night we went to a dinner party organized by my co-workers, one of whom brought her baby.

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