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He caught her up easily and grinned when she immediately brushed her fingertips across two different meld points on his face.Her mental touch glanced over his mind seeking out affection and assurance.She is psi-null, yet she often and quite obviously communicates with her husband through their bond.On the occasions that I’ve had need to touch her mind—it was easy to see her connection to her husband.” He paused.They had their own room and neither Sarek nor Amanda had intruded on their space since they’d boarded.Jim appreciated the level of trust on their parts but he knew neither he nor Spock had any intention of being intimate while traveling on the ship. ” T’Mara bounced slightly and wiggled out of Spock’s lap in favor of her second favorite human.

“I was born in space.” “I am aware.” Her tone was almost amused. “I feel more at home in space than I do anywhere else.

Title: Forsaken Author: Keira Marcos Betas: Ladyholder & Chris King Series: Tangled Destinies Series Order: 9 Fandom: Star Trek Pairings: Kirk/Spock, Sarek/Amanda Grayson, Pike/Mc Coy, OC/OC Genre: Romance, Angst Rating: R Warnings: Language, explicit sexual contact, an author whose respect for canon is both casual and transitory. The entire crew’s official job was to take her wherever she wanted to go as far as Jim could tell.

Summary: Sarek takes his family back to Vulcan for the formal adoption of T’Mara. Maybe it was because he hadn’t been born on a planet or maybe it was the adventure of it all. He was sitting in a small observation deck on the Sh’Vor, a Vulcan Suurok class starship that had once been used for exploration and now appeared to exist solely for the transport of T’Pau.

He didn’t know her as well as he knew Spock or even Sarek but he had melded with her—had touched her mind with his own, so she wasn’t as mysterious to him as she been in the past. Your bond will be subject to scrutiny, no matter how informal.

Vulcan telepathy requires touch but you, above most, understand that it is not as simple as that.” Jim paused and nodded.

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There is a peace here that eludes me when I’m planet bound.

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